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The tradition of Posada (meaning inn) started in Mexico,
it represents Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem.

This Posada is travelling around the Eden Wild Goose area
and Mary and Joseph … and their donkey seek hospitality.
At each venue Joseph knocks on the door and says,

‘In the name of heaven please welcome us in,
we come from Nazareth and travel to Bethlehem.’

This is asked twice and the host replies twice,
‘Sorry there is no room for you here’.

On the third time Joseph adds
… my wife is expecting a baby, he will be called Jesus’.
The host then says,
Are you Mary and Joseph?
Enter Pilgrims, we didn’t know it was you.’

The Posada will visit local schools, homes, pubs, churches…
and finally arrive at the Holy Trinity Wetheral Crib Service
at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

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Wednesday 27th November
Scotby CE School
Posada 191127 Scotby CE School

Tuesday 3rd December
Wetheral Tots Cafe
Posada at Tots - web

Wednesday 11th December
Mother's Union
Posada at Mothers Union

Thursday 12th December

Jelly Tots Holme Eden
Posada at Jelly Tots Dec 2019r


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