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What is Inquisitive?

Conversations about faith.

You are invited to come along to one or more

of these gatherings; designed for the inquisitive.
No hymns, prayers or assumptions about beliefs.
It will be informal and relaxed
and so children are welcome under your supervision
(this may change depending on need).
We will discuss the questions people are asking.
Most will be on Sunday mornings
but there will also be 'More Inquisitive' gatherings at other times.

Next gatherings - You are invited



Sunday 1st Sept 11.15am Wetheral
Sunday 15th Sept 9.45am Holme Eden
'If God is so good,
why is there so much suffering in the world?'
190901 Inq If God is so good i

Sunday 20th Oct 9.45am Holme Eden 

(Note that this is the only Inquisitive this month)

'Prayer Works' 

 191020 Prayer works

Sunday 3rd Nov 11.15am Wetheral
Sunday 17th Nov 9.45am Holme Eden

'Resisting Hitler'
The extraordinary story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

191103 Bonhoeffer publicity 




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