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What is Inquisitive?

Conversations about faith.

You are invited to come along to one or more

of these gatherings; designed for the inquisitive.
No hymns, prayers or assumptions about beliefs.
It will be informal and relaxed
and so children are welcome under your supervision
(this may change depending on need).
We will discuss the questions people are asking.
Most will be on Sunday mornings
but there will also be 'More Inquisitive' gatherings at other times.

Next gatherings - You are invited



Sunday 7th April 11.15am Wetheral
Chocolate, bunnies and Jesus: is there a connection?

(coffee from 10.30am)



Wednesdsay 10th April 1.30pm Wetheral 

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‘Questions of faith’ with James Newcome - Bishop of Carlisle

An interview with questions.
Creche available for this event.
Please send in YOUR suggested questions to
Rev Graeme Skinner
The Rectory, Warwick Bridge, Carlisle CA4 8RF
01228 561358
Sending in questions beforehand
will ensure they are responded to.
Coffee, tea and cake provided.




Sunday 28th April 9.45am Holme Eden

...developing the theme on

Chocolate, bunnies and Jesus: is there a connection?

(with coffee following)




Sunday 5th May 11.15am Wetheral
Sunday 26th May 9.45am Holme Eden

Sunday 2nd June 11.15am Wetheral
Sunday 16th June 9.45am Holme Eden

Sunday 7th July 11.15am Wetheral
Sunday 21st July 9.45am Holme Eden



Graeme Skinner writes:
‘I hope these will be enjoyable and informative,
a real opportunity to talk, smile and laugh.
Good for the mind, heart and soul.'


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