Our Eden Churches Vision

Our values and how they shape our beliefs and action

The Church Vision for our churches is in step with the wider 'God for All' vision in Cumbria.
The interlocking colours of the logo create a cross shape at the symbol’s centre.
The organic look represents growth and vitality.
Each of the four themes below are developed on linked pages.

There is an introduction study to the series including a talk by Graeme Skinner on 14th Feb 2021.

We will develop our thoughts about vision on Wednesday mornings at 11am on Zoom through Lent 2021.

These 4 themes are represented in the logo interlocking around a circle (rather than a list). That is because no one is more important than the other and they all relate to each other e.g. you can’t speak boldly without also following daily; in order to tread gently, you must care deeply, and so on. It has also been suggested that the words could be interchanged e.g. care daily, speak deeply, tread boldly, follow gently etc.

We seek to..
Follow Daily

Care Deeply

Speak Boldly

Tread Gently

During Lent 2021 there will be a series of talks around these themes which will be added to the linked pages above when recorded.

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