Remembrance weekend 

Remembrance Sunday on 8th November will be ‘live’ in both churches. Usual bookings via Graeme Skinner are required for the two services in church.

Service 1: A later time of 10am in St Paul’s Holme Eden before going outside at 10.50am for wreath laying and the two-minute silence outside by the granite War Memorial cross.

Service 2: 10.50am in Wetheral by the War Memorial Lych-gate for wreaths and silence before the service starts at the usual time on 11.15am in church.

There will be no Zoom services that day – that will be covered by the Tuesday Facebook live ‘Remembering Annie’ event.

Remembering Annie publicity

Courage or False Confidence in Fortress Singapore
I’m presently watching the ITV series called ‘The Singapore Grip’. The context of the story is very dark. It is 1942 and the Japanese troops are sweeping down peninsula Malaya on their bikes towards Singapore. The colonial families and army generals are wrongly confident that Singapore will stand. There are several characters who seem more than a little overstated, but it helps the programme to keep moving. Then there is love… there always is, or the drama would be detached from real life. Having lived in Singapore, visited many buildings similar to the ones in the series and devoured books about Singapura (Lion City in Sanskrit) both past and present, I have enjoyed connecting with the story.
I recently wrote about Annie Livingston, a missionary from Warwick Bridge, who found herself escaping Singapore in 1942 along with thousands of others in the harbour quayside as the Japanese bombed the city. Annie was eventually captured at sea and interned in Sumatra where she died a month before VJ day.
I will be telling her remarkable story for Remembrance this year online on November 10th at 7.30pm on Facebook ‘Eden Wild Goose’. This is your invitation; you do not need a Facebook account to view it.
For those in that time and us in our time, life changed dramatically as normality was upended 70+ years ago and 7+ months ago. Annie suffered the worst possible lockdown under extreme cruelty. The women in the camp learnt to look out for each other. Our lockdowns and levels of tiers are a little easier although we feel the sadness of some amongst us who are grieving and suffering deeply. May we all find courage, faith and love to support us through these next months.