A message to those visiting Holy Trinity for Private prayer  


Holy Trinity Wetheral will be open from 9am to 5pm daily.

We require people to follow all currant government's guidelines or social distancing and hand sanitising. Please note that this may change depending on national or local circumstances.
We ask that you sign a form by the entrance for track and trace purposes (you will need to santitise the pen please).

We are so pleased that you are coming into the church building for private prayer. Although we know that God's presence
 is everywhere, church buildings can be one of the places where we are able to focus on God.

You might like to use some words to help you pray (scroll down on this page) or a photo to focus you mind.

If there is no one else in church, you might light to listen to this song and reflect on its words.
Holy Spirit, Living breath of God

Holy Spirit, living breath of God,
Breathe new life into my willing soul.
Let the presence of the risen Lord,
Come renew my heart and make me whole.
Cause Your Word to come alive in me;
Give me faith for what I cannot see,
Give me passion for Your purity;
Holy Spirit, breathe new life in me.

Holy Spirit, come abide within,
May Your joy be seen in all I do.
Love enough to cover every sin,
In each thought and deed and attitude.
Kindness to the greatest and the least,
Gentleness that sows the path of peace.
Turn my strivings into works of grace;
Breath of God show Christ in all I do.

Holy Spirit, from creation’s birth,
Giving life to all that God has made,
Show Your power once again on earth,
Cause Your church to hunger for your ways.
Let the fragrance of our prayers arise;
Lead us on the road of sacrifice,
That in unity the face of Christ
May be clear for all the world to see.

Keith Getty & Stuart Townend Copyright © 2005 

As you leave, may the words of the traditional Irish blessing, being learnt by the Eden Wild Goose Community Choir be yours;

‘May love and laughter light your days,
And warm your heart and home,
My good and faithful friends be yours,
Wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world,
With joy that long endures,
May all life’s passing seasons bring the best,
The best to you and yours.’

May God be with you
wherever you may be.

You are welcome to contact me, Graeme Skinner, with questions or comments after your time in church.