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7th January 2021 6TD Gratitude a Joy - A quote to ponder

5th October 3 SW Preparation for 11th October services (personal prayer)

5th October 6 TD Selah - Take my hands and make them work' Song

4th October 3 SW Harvest service and recoding Psalm 104

30 August 3 SW Unlocking: Berea service and sermon recording

28th August 11 FM September 2020 Focus Magazine

22nd August 3 SW 23rd August - Personal prayer section on Apologetics

1st August 1 NC 'The Bereavement Journey' course online in Cumbria

1st August 1 NC Updates on Covid-19 in Cumbria, August services, Face coverings

30th July 11 FM August 2020 Focus Magazine

29th July Link to the song Emmanuel - We do not live alone

27th July Keswick Convention talks this week

3rd July 11 FM July 2020 Focus on Eden Magazine

28th June Eden Wild Goose Blessing song - link to join in

28th June 3 SW Recording of service 'Unlock Galicia to here'

28th June 3 SW Resources for Personal prayer ' Amazing Grace'

26th June 6 TD 'Quote 'The bravest thing'

26th June 'The marriage sessions' Four 45 minute videos for couples (Care for the Family)

25th June 'Five back notes on the piano' (10 mins video) Five slave notes... that make up a slave ship captain's song. 

24th June 'Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness' A challenging transatlantic 1 hour radio interview

23rd June Amazing Grace: Lives matter: The slave trader who changed his mind (video 15 mins)

23rd June 6 TD 'Count that day lost' A poem by George Eliot

21st June 3 SW  Recording of service 'Unlock Lystra'

21st June 3 SW  Resources for personal prayer

20th June EWG Choir You are welcome to join the recording of a Blessing song

19th June 6 TD 'Abby proud' A poem by Ally Schofield

17th June EWG Pray Songs for prayer: 'Send revival, start with me'

17th June Youtube link. Inspirational ideas for a post lock down church service

16th June 2 CP Song 'Without a map' Marketa Irglova

16th June 6TD Listening - An underestimated art

16th June EWG Pray Songs for Prayer: 'I am not alone'

15th June 3 SW NT Wright on Paul and Christian Character (6 minutes video) Extra resources for 'Unlock' series

15th June 6 TD Becoming yourself; a quote to ponder

15th June Premier Sunday Night live link with Pam Rhodes

14th June 3 SW Recording of online service

13th June 3 SW 'Unlock Iconium and here' Resources for personal use

10th June Thy Kingdom Come Wrap up video (thank you for joining in)

7th June 3 SW Recording of online service

6th June 3 SW Trinity Sunday resources for personal use

4th June 11 FM June Online Focus on Eden magazine

31st May 3 SW PowerPoint of our Pentecost service

31st May 3 SW TKC Pentecost service with Justin Welby

30th May 6TD Poem 'To hear the crickets sing': Ally Schofield

30th May Thy Kingdom Come: Come Holy Spirit in many voices 

30th May Thy Kingdom come: Link to Pentecost Service Sunday 31st May 9am

30th May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Reflection: Day 10

29th May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Reflection: Day 9

28th May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Refection: Day 8

27th May 6TD Poem by Rhidian Brook: BBC Radio 4

27th May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Refection: Day 7

27th May Eden Churches Facebook TKC Mediation Photo Night 'Ascribe Glory'

27th May Eden Churches Facebook TKC Mediation Photo Evening 'There'

27th May Eden Churches Facebook TKC Meditation Photo Midday 'Hands to you'

27th May Eden Churches Facebook TKC Mediation Photo Morning 'Gladden'

27th May 6TD The importance of remembering: Albert Atkinson at Dunkirk

26th May Eden Churches Facebook TKC Mediation Photo Night 'Food for all'

26th May Eden Churches Facebook TKC Mediation Photo Evening 'The Lord's Prayer'

26th May Eden Churches Facebook TKC Meditation Photo Midday 'Safe space'

26th May Eden Churches Facebook TKC Mediation Photo Morning 'Open Space' 

26th May Link to Premier on Sunday evenings at 6pm with Pam Rhodes

26th May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Refection: Day 6

25th May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Reflection: Day 5

24th May 3 SW Personal prayer time for 24th May

24th May 6TD Video on Types of forgiveness

24th May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Refection: Day 4

23rd May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Refection: Day 3

22nd May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Refection: Day 2

21st May Thy Kingdom Come Prayer refection: Day 1

20th May Brampton Deanery Ascension Day service - Youtube - 40 mins

19th May 'Sharing your faith' Five short videos: Justin Welby and others

18th May 2 CP An invitation to join a prayer movement for ten days from this Thursday 21st May

17th May 3 SW 17th May online service recording

17th May 3 SW BBC Radio Local stations worship for today with Tom Skinner

17th May 'Eden Wild Goose Community Choir - virtual practice of an Irish Blessing (singing is good for you)

14th May Mabel and Olive IV 'The company meeting' 

12th May 3 SW 10th May online service recording

12th May 6 TD Supporting Good Metal heath last audio updates

12th May 6 TD Wordsworth up to date Poem

9th May 6 TD Rainbow poem by Ally Schofield

7th May VE'll meet again Live presentation on Facebook Eden Wild Goose

7th May Mabel and Olive III A third in the Mabel and Olive competition

6th May Mabel and Olive II If smiling is good for mental health part II (or what a lockdown sport commentator does)

5th May World links A letter of thanks from 'Salamati', you might remember collecting warm clothes for Lahore.

5th May 3 SW Prom Praise: A Festival of Hope (90 mins video)

5th May 6 TD 6 minutes 46 seconds of blessing. A song for the UK

5th May Mabel and Olive. If smiling is good for your mental health...

5th May Eden Wild Goose Art: Wetheral Art fort All Exhibition

5th May 6 TD More 'Supporting Good Mental Heath' audios added

2nd May 3 SW CofE Daily Hope phone line

2nd May 3 SW Paul Gibson God for All interview

27th April 4 EF Several sheets of family activities added by Callum

26th April 6 TD Supporting good mental health audio number 4 and 5

26th April 3 SW Church online recording and worship ideas for Sunday 26th April

26th April 6TD Premier interview with Justin Welby

23rd April 6 TD BBC Radio 4 Thought for the day: Sam Wells

22nd April 6TD  Supporting good metal health: Thirteen daily thoughts - with text and audio

22nd April 6TD Dealing with loneliness and isolation CofE publication

20th April 6 TD
  'Grateful' We need each other

19th April 3 SW Church on line recording: 2nd Sunday of Easter

18th April 8 PS Can you sew? Can you help Eden Wild Goose Crafty Gaggle help NHS workers?

18th April 3 SW Worship ideas for 19th April

18th April 6 TD 'Unleashing Life in a time of Death' Pete Greig

17th April 6 TD 'Unleashing Depth in a Time of Distraction' Pete Greig

16th April 6 TD 'The prayer of Francis and Clare': Richard Rohr

16th April 6 TD 'Unleashing courage in a time of containment' Peter Greig: Spring Harvest (10 minutes)

15th April 6 TD 'I am Pilate'  A short video story from the governor (12 minutes)

15th April 6 TD  'Unleashing love in a time of fear' Peter Greig: Spring Harvest (10 minutes)

14th April 10 ML Link to Premier 'Sunday Night Live' new programme

14th April 6 TD Poem 'How the virus stole Easter'

13th April 3 SW Church on line service on Easter Day

11th April 3 SW Easter day worship ideas

11th April 3 SW Recording on Good Friday online service

10th April 3 SW Maundy Thursday: A reflection by Peter Dixon (10 mins)

9th April 10 ML BBC through the Easter weekend

8th April 6 TD 'Human contact' article by James Newcome

8th April 3 CW Link to Church of England virtual services

8th April 6 TD 'Jungle' A poem by Ally Schofield

7th April 1 CN Emma Ineson, Bishop of Penrith, Easter Message

7th April 3 SW 'The Moment' Four Holy Week audio recordings, or for Good Friday.

6th April 3 SW Easter poster to print and put in your window

6th April 6 TD Lessons on happiness in captivity with Terry Waite

5th April 3 SW Palm Sunday worship

5th April 6 TD Which force do you listen to in the desert? Short Youtube talk 

5th April 6 TD 'Questions that Christians  might be wrestling with during the coronavirus crisis' An article

4th April 1 CN BBC Radio Cumbria Sunday 5th April 'Breakfast'' 6-9am with Graeme Skinner on at about 7.15am talking about SWWATCH

4th April 1 CN Friday prayer non-meetings

4th April 4 EF Animation for Palm Sunday for families

2nd April 9 EH Domestic abuse links

1st April 1 CN Black Gold 

31st March 9 EH Funerals - Resources for when you cant attend

31st March 10 ML 'The Way' Spring Diocesan Newspaper

Mostly by Dave Roberts including an article by Philippa Skinner

30th March 8 PS SWWATCH

30th March 6 TD This is the time to be slow

30th March 6 TD Listen A poem by Ally Schofield

29th March 3 SW Sunday - 'Can you hear?'

27th March 6TD Help

24th March The Connection prayer