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Practical support through Eden Wild Goose Crafty Gaggle

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Practical support through SWWATCH

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How can we help you?
Food or prescription delivery, conversation,
pet support or any other practical needs.

How can you help others?
If you are able to leave your home
to help with essential deliveries
or if you are self-isolating
and you could be a phone supporter, contact
Telephone 07401 328516
or email SWWATCH@yahoo.com
or messenger on Facebook SWWATCH
Please tell us
your name, address, postcode, tel number and email
and let us know what help you need
or what you might be able to offer.
Many people in our community
have good support during the Coronavirus emergency,
from family, friends or neighbours.
Their help will be vital in the coming weeks and months.

SWWATCH is trying to make sure that no one is missed.
We don’t want anyone to be lonely, isolated
and without someone they can turn to.

We are a group set up for this time
with cooperation from the local businesses, community groups,
charities, churches, local government and others including,
Eden Churches, Eden Wild Goose, Oak Tree Animals’ Charity,
Co-op, Brampton Medical Practice, Intro, Posting Pot Wetheral,
Wetheral Village Community Hall, Warwick Bridge Flour Mill, 
and several individuals who are making support happen.
Our volunteers will be given instructions on the correct safety precautions.
If you contact us, you are allowing us to keep your details
for the purpose of this support group only until life gets back to normal.
A personal from Rev Graeme Skinner.
We are here for one another at this time.
Self-isolation and social distancing can,
ironically, bring us closer together
through all the inspiring initiatives that have been set up.
This pandemic is challenging our way of life and what we value
and now is a moment to work together as best we can
to work for the common good.
This is about our connected hearts and communities.
 I’m inspired by a line from a song I often sing,
‘Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.’
Be well and stay well, we need never be alone.

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Eden Wild Goose (Crafty Gaggle)
Can you sew? Can you help?
Eden Wild Goose is working through SWWATCH for NHS and care workers who need our help, to safely carry their clothes home for washing, masks and special bands to protect their ears and foreheads from the PPE they have to wear. We are looking for volunteers to sew drawstring bags, head bands or caps for hospital and care workers in the North Cumbria area.  Patterns for these can be provided and the finished items collected to be distributed to workers who request these items through the local ‘Scrub Hub’.
We are also in need of fabric (washable at 60 degrees, bedding is great) tape/ribbon or cord, ½ inch (1.25cm) elastic and buttons (sized between a 1p and 2p please). This can be collected and is held in quarantine for 72 hours before being distributed; a procedure that fits the regulations.
If you can help in any way
please contact Al Lee 01228 562291 mrsalflee@outlook.com
Al can talk about materials, patterns
and the procedure during lock down
Scrub Hub is a national network of voluntary community groups who love to sew, and are making scrubs to order for NHS staff who are struggling to get them during this crisis. These items come from personal orders from individual doctors through our networks and communities. Some doctors including consultants and GPs don’t usually wear scrubs – but are realising this is the safest and easiest way for them to dress during this crisis. There is currently a shortage in some areas and we are hoping that by setting up our own community garment making hubs we can make a difference little by little for our local doctors.
Each hub asks for a donation per uniform when orders are placed to cover material and delivery.
If you are a NHS worker and are searching for scrubs but haven’t had any luck, visit our directory of Scrub making hubs to order. Due to the community scale of our teams, Scrub Hubs can’t currently offer bulk orders from trusts or wards.  
Scrub Hub

Examples can be seen on
Scrub Hub Instagram

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